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Speech and Language Kids Hub

Speech and Language Kids Hub

Solving the communication disorder crisis...one child at a time.

It's an app! ¬†ūüďĪ

It's a community! ūüĎ•¬†

It's everything you need to teach communication skills to children!¬†ūüó£ÔłŹ

How it Works:

1. Find a Skill you Need to Teach:

2. Watch a Quick Training Video:

3. Grab the No-Prep Therapy Kit:

Now you're ready to do awesome therapy!

Who it's For:

  • Speech-language professionals¬†(SLPs, SLPAs, SaLTs, etc.)
  • Speech-language pathology students¬†(Grad, Undergrad, SLPA, etc.)
  • Caregivers¬†of a child with communication challenges (Parent, Guardian, Family Member, Nanny, etc.)
  • Educators or professionals working with children with communication challenges (Teacher, Aide, Therapist, Para, etc.)

Though your journeys may look different, each and every one of you is a hero to a child or children with communication challenges.  We'll provide you with the support you need to confidently face the obstacles in front of you and to help the children who depend on you to be the best versions of themselves possible.

Not Sure What to Teach?

Sometimes we can describe what's going on but we're not sure which specific skills to teach the child to best support them.  Don't worry, I've got you on that, too!

Browse Skill Recommendations...

By Diagnosis:

By Symptom/Challenge:

By Age:

Imagine a World...

  • where¬†each child with a communication challenge had caregivers, teachers, and speech-language pathologists all¬†working together¬†on the same skills in the same ways! ¬†Imagine how much progress that child could make if we all had access to the same tools, resources, and support.
  • where we reduce the shortage¬†of speech-language pathologists and professionals by fostering the next batch of SLPs coming through our gateways.
  • where you are no longer stressed out by the challenges of supporting a child/children with communication challenges because you have everything you need to confidently teach speech/language/communication skills and to manage everything that goes along with it.
  • where you're not doing this alone anymore.¬† You have a team of people who believe in you and who are rooting for you. ¬†And a team that you can go to when your lesson goes awry or you don't know how to tackle the next challenge in front of you.

Included with The Hub Membership:

Skill Pages:

Need to teach a communication skill to your client, child, or student?  We have you covered!  We have training videos, pre-made therapy materials, and more to show you exactly how to teach 100+ communication skills (and growing)!  Perfect for speech-language pathologists, caregivers, educators, aides, and anyone else looking to support children with speech and language concerns.

Decision Guides:

Not sure which skills to teach to a child?  We have you covered there, as well!  Our handy decision guides will walk you through what communication skills to consider for children with a variety of diagnoses, symptoms, and ages.  Speech-language pathologists, you can use your assessment data and our decision guides to choose appropriate goals for therapy.  Parents, you can consult your child's speech-language pathologist and work together to choose the best skills for your child.


You don't have to go it alone anymore!  We're bringing together speech-language professionals, caregivers, educators, and students to lean on each other throughout this journey.  We all have experiences and perspectives that others can learn from.  And sharing tips and tricks can mean the difference between pulling your hair out and confidently taking on today's challenges.  In our community you can ask questions, get support, and share ideas.


Need some continuing education?  Want to dive deeper into a specific topic?  Our courses will take you in-depth on a variety of topics from the field of speech-language pathology.  We pride ourselves on having actionable course content that you can implement right away in therapy.  We'll break down complex skills into step-by-step plans that will help you feel more confident and stress less.


Let's be honest: there's a whole lot more that goes into helping children with communication challenges than just teaching skills.  We'll also help you navigate time management, paperwork, planning, goal-writing, data collection, and more!  

Your Guide:
Carrie Clark, CCC-SLP

Hi!  I'm Carrie Clark and I'll be your guide on your hero's journey.  I have been a speech-language pathologist since 2008 and I've spent the last 11 years learning the best ways to teach others how to help children with communication challenges.  

My super power is creating easy-to-follow plans to break down complex communication skills into something you can implement today to help a child with communication challenges.  I've combed through the research and combined it with my expertise and the expertise of others to bring you the most extensive support resource possible!

You may recognize me from the Speech and Language Kids website or The SLP Solution membership.  This Hub is the new iteration of The SLP Solution membership.  Not only have we streamlined and updated the resources from the old membership, we've also put it together in this new format that's easier to use than ever before.  Plus, there's an app version! 

And I'll be inside the Hub right there with you.  I'll be with you every step of the way through your hero's journey: leading discussions, answering your questions, and pointing you in the right direction.  I take my role as your guide seriously.  I'm here for you!

What others are saying...

I have had a chance to really explore and I am loving all of these resources. It is beautifully put together. I think everyone graduating from grad school should have a membership here for their first year. I know my first year of practice would have been much easier, less stressful and more successful if I had done that! I'm almost 10 years into the profession and learning so much from all of these resources. 

I gotta say, man, what you've done with your site in the past few months is seriously brilliant! The SLP solution had a ton of info, but it really needed a makeover. The way you've organized the content on this site, and even starting an app, is super innovative and long overdue in our field! 

I’ve been a fan of your content for a while now but I just joined the Hub and wow- I am so glad I did! Of all the SLP resources/memberships/subscriptions I’ve tried, I have found yours to be the most helpful BY FAR (and I’ve only been a member for 24 hours!

I appreciate your openness and support Carrie. So far, I like the platform. This was the best decision. Thank you for all you do to help us in the field. Sending you a virtual hug!

When I found your SLK Hub I was so thrilled because it is exactly the kind of resource I've been looking for - thank you!

What's Covered:

The world of speech-language pathology is MASSIVE!  Don't worry, we're covering it all inside The Hub.  Here are just a few of the many topics we'll cover once your inside.  But please, don't feel overwhelmed!  We'll also help you figure out where to start and what to teach.

  • Speech Sound Production:¬†articulation, phonology, lisps, apraxia, etc.
  • Language Skills:¬†grammar, syntax, asking and answering questions, following directions, retelling stories/information, sequencing, etc.
  • Fluency Skills:¬†stuttering, cluttering, etc.
  • Voice/Resonance:¬†glottal fry, hypernasality, cleft palate, etc.
  • Social Communication: autism, social language impairments, initiating and maintaining conversation, responding to name, joint attention, functional communication, having friends
  • Non-Speaking/Minimally Verbal Children:¬†late talkers, autism, AAC use, picture communication, sign language, functional communication
  • Time and Stress Management: Organization, paperwork, and helping children make faster progress in less time

BONUS!!  SLP Reboot Organization Program

Our $500 Organizational Program is Included for FREE!

Organization Course for School Speech-Language Pathologists

Find a Better Way

  • Spend Less Time Planning and Prepping

  • Make Faster Progress in Less Time

  • Streamline your Data Collection and Paperwork

  • Get Organized and STAY Organized!

Included in The Reboot:

Designed with Your Busy School Schedule in Mind.  Check Out What You'll Learn, Week by Week:

  1. Welcome! Start Here!
  2. Switch to No-Prep Therapy
  3. Switch Your Service Delivery Model
  4. Streamline Data Collection
  5. Streamline Goal Writing
  6. Streamline Paperwork and Admin Tasks
  7. Organize Your Space and Materials
  • 6 Lessons with assignments that gradually help you streamline your work
  • 3 hrs, 50 min of Videos with detailed instructions on how to simplify and streamline
  • Workbooks, Handouts, and Resources to help you through the process

What Others are Saying about the SLP Reboot:

Honestly Carrie, the original SLP Reboot played a role in helping me regain my footing and love for the field, following the worst of the pandemic.

We're Not Here to Replace your SLP...

The Speech and Language Kids Hub is for informational and educational purposes only and does not provide medical or psychological diagnosis, recommendations, or advice.  It is not intended to replace the need for a child to see a speech-language pathologist in person who can provide specific recommendations for a child.  

We're not here to tell you what you should do with your child or client.  We haven't met that particular child or worked with him/her directly so it would be unethical for us to provide specific recommendations.  

Instead, our purpose is to provide access to resources that can be used to teach speech and language skills.  Every child with communication challenges should be followed by a speech-language pathologist or professional who will design and oversee the treatment plan.  Once that plan is implemented, you can ask your child's speech-language pathologist to help you choose skills to practice at home.  At that point, we'll help you find the resources that relate to that skill.

Our community is designed so that we can all share our experiences and ideas without anyone feeling like they are responsible for "fixing" someone else's situation.  I truly believe that we can all be more effective when we learn from each other.  

Parents need to understand the realities of scheduling 70+ kids into each and every week.  SLPs need to understand the 500 other things that parents have going on that might take priority over working on communication skills.  And everyone needs to understand that teachers are trying to meet the individual needs of 20+ kids all day every day.  We are better human beings when we can sympathize with what others are going through.  And we can better help the children in our lives when we work together as a team.

Purchase Orders and Group Pricing:

Would you like to get your school or organization to pay for this?  We accept purchase orders AND we offer discounts for groups.  Download our flier here and give this to your administrator: 


Powered by Boardmaker

The symbols and images used in this membership are provided by our friends at Boardmaker. For more than 30 years, Tobii Dynavox Picture Communication Symbols¬ģ (PCS) have been used by millions of students and adults to understand and structure the world around them, communicate their thoughts, and learn to read and write. ¬† Now, we're using PCS to make our materials easier to understand for our students. ¬†You can create your own materials using the same set of symbols by downloading Boardmaker 7.¬†


Can I get ASHA CEUs for these courses?

Unfortunately, we are not an ASHA-approved CEU provider anymore.  The ASHA CEU program is not set up to be manageable for small businesses with small teams.  For that reason, we have chosen to spend our efforts on brining you amazing content instead.

No, you cannot get ASHA CEU credit but you CAN use this course for Professional Development Hours (PDH).  ASHA will let you use PDH courses to count for all 30 hours of your professional development requirements.  You simply need to keep track of them yourself instead of us submitting them to ASHA for you.  We will give you a certificate of completion that you can save in case you get audited.  (For that matter, did you know that you can use your school inservices and other informal trainings for your ASHA hours?)

For more information about ASHA PDH requirements, click here.

State licensing boards and other countries may have different requirements for your professional development hours and may require a certain number of your hours to be ASHA-approved CEUs.  If that is the case, then our courses will not count for that.  Check with your licensing board or organization to find out whether they will accept our courses.

How Does the Free Trial Work?

You will need to enter your payment info in order to access your free trial.  Once your free trial ends, you will automatically be charged for the plan that you have selected.  You will receive an email reminder before that payment comes due.  If you do not wish to continue your membership, no worries!  Simply cancel before the trial ends.